Galley Cooking

Craving Fresh Food

When you’re out sailing around in the summer months, produce at the tiny grocery stores on the small islands can be very limited. Unless you hit the grocery store the day its fresh shipment arrives, the selection of fresh food can be very limited. As much fun as it is to buy the bottom of the barrel week old lettuce, sometimes you’d just rather pass.
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this years ago, but alfalfa sprouts are dead easy to sprout on a boat. Depending on the temperature, from start to finish you can have fresh sprouts within 3 days. You can either DIY, but you can find sprouting seeds and a mason jar with a mesh lid at some grocery stores or garden shops.

Boat Galley

Never be Without Sour Cream Again!

Two staples tucked away in your boat pantry and you’ll always have sour cream on board. All you need is two ingredients – Media Crema and either lemon juice or vinegar. Just add a teaspoon of an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar to your Media Crema, mix away and you’re done. Add up to 3 teaspoons of your acid of choice to get the consistency you like. I would recommend adding a teaspoon at a time and mix well before adding any more acid. If Media Crema isn’t available, there’s another similar canned creamed product that works just as well.Never let the lack of sour cream on your boat ruin a meal or happy hour again!